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Get Out the VOTE!!

With Primary Day tomorrow (June 27) I wanted to share a little about myself, how I serve our community, and why I’m running for 2nd ward City Council.

I’m an independent Democrat and I’m honored to be Endorsed by Union Workers and Members of PEF and the PBA of NYS.
I have been a resident of the Second Ward here in the City of Tonawanda for over a decade, in one of the city's older homes with a lot of history. I take pride in our City. I am an active volunteer of this community and am responsible for some great City programs.
I am a father to a strong, creative little girl who I am raising in the City of Tonawanda. Trying to show her the good in people and how to serve her community for the positive.
I am a husband to a local City of Tonawanda artist.
I am a volunteer youth soccer coach for the Tonawanda Soccer Club.
I am a Veteran and current member and board member of the local Tonawanda American Legion.
Prior Union Rep and Executive Board Member
Retired NYPD officer
I am currently the Chairperson of the Mayor's Office of Strategic Initiatives and Community Engagement.
I created and run the City of Tonawanda Veteran of the Month Award.
I chair and organize the City of Tonawanda Open House and Touch a Truck event.
I organize the Mayor’s Summer Reading Program which focuses on continued reading access to City of Tonawanda youth during the summer months. I thank my board members for their help and love for our community.
I was recently appointed to the City of Tonawanda Cemetery Board.
I appreciate all the support and have had a
wonderful time
talking to so many of you about your concerns and ideas for our city. I want to be part of making this City a positive place to live and raise my family.
A couple of the main reasons why I am running for City Council. I am running to combat the rubber stamping of tax increases that have come to be expected by current and past council members. I’m also running to fix the unfair home reassessments that will cause an undue burden to all residents, especially those on fixed incomes.
Some of my visions include..
• stop the continued yearly tax increases.
• address the unfair home reassessments.
• fix and repair forgotten side walks
• address the issues with speeding through our city.
• address winter parking regulations.
• continue my ongoing community service to our community.
I would be honored to have your vote tomorrow.
To learn more about myself and my visions, please visit my website at and/or contact me and I would love to come and chat.
As my flyers say..
“I work hard to provide for my family, and I enjoy raising my family in the City of Tonawanda. I pay the same taxes as everyone else. I get hit with the same tax increases as everyone else. I’m running to hold the line on the constant tax increases. I want to be able to afford to raise my daughter in our city.”
Thank you,
~ Christopher Fisher
Tuesday, June 27, 2023, 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM

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