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100 Days in Office!

April 9, 2024, marks my 100th day in office as 2nd Ward City Councilmember. I hit the ground running and wanted to share highlights from the first 100 days! I sponsored the resolution that amended the parking regulation regarding overnight parking. This resolution amended the current ordinance giving the mayor the authority to adjust the overnight parking regulations. This is for when nice weather allows for more on-street parking, like neighboring municipalities. I have donated $350 to organizations with the “Chris Fisher Gives Back Campaign.” This was a campaign promise to “pay it forward,” and it’s making a positive impact in the city. I have demanded accountability of taxpayer money by auditing expenditures and doing one simple thing….Asking Questions! I refuse to “rubber stamp” resolutions just because “that’s the way it’s always been.” I voted no on 4% pay raises for the highest salary earners on the city payroll. (These salaries are mostly six-figure incomes.) The mayor

The "Chris Fisher Gives Back" Program

The “Chris Fisher Gives Back Campaign” was created by Chris Fisher as a campaign promise to give back to the community. In November 2023, Chris Fisher was elected second ward city councilmember. True to his word, Chris implemented this program to giveaway $50 of his salary each council meeting to an organization that is doing good in the community. Chris is a supporter of small business and charitable organizations, so this is a positive way to give back. “I’m a big believer in giving. I’m making a positive contribution to the community while teaching my daughter about compassion. There is nothing more rewarding than service to one’s community.” ~ Chris Fisher