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Chris' Visions and Ideas for the 2nd Ward and The City of Tonawanda

  VISIONS FOR OUR COMMUNITY Keep taxes from continually increasing every year. Adjust the parking regulations so the overnight parking ban does not take effect on October 1st or last until March 31st when the weather is projected to be warm enough to allow for on-street parking.  Ensuring forgotten sidewalks that need repair are fixed or replaced adequately.  As a member of the city's primary legislative body, the Council; Chris will represent the interests of all the residents citywide by using feedback metrics. Creating a real-time information system allowing for the rapid deployment of essential information to the residents of our great city.  Chris wants to work with the Mayor and all members of the council for the betterment of the City of Tonawanda, putting residents first.  Being available to all residents, in all wards, to promote and foster ideas that benefit us as a community. Listen to ideas that can help benefit each person living in this city, from children to retir

Union Strong!

As the son of a UAW Local 424 worker, I’m proud to be a union employee and a union supporter. I’ve served as a union representative and an executive board member, along with being a political action committee (PAC) representative for two state-wide unions. I am currently active in representing union members through lobbying for legislation that enhances the pay and working conditions of organized labor. As the parent of a very intelligent daughter, she is my little helper, whether on the campaign trail or in the union hall. Strong unions have provided the American worker with bargaining agreements that provide for fair wages, benefits, and safe working conditions. Unions are not only the backbone of America, but they are also the backbone of the City of Tonawanda Working Class! As an Army Veteran and working class employee, I am honored to represent organized labor!

Programs that Give Back to Our Community

  As an active member of our community, Chris runs the Mayor’s Summer Reading Program, the City Open House, and the City of Tonawanda Veteran of the Month award. As an Army veteran, a parent to a 1st grader, and an active citizen, Chris volunteers to run these programs for the betterment of our city!  “There’s nothing more rewarding than service to our community.” ~ Chris Fisher

Giving Back by Volunteering

As election day approaches, let me tell you a little bit about myself and how I serve our community. Community service has always been extremely important to me and I’m raising my daughter to understand the importance of giving back to the community in which she lives in. We do this by volunteering. One of my first major volunteer roles started in 2003 with the Town of Tonawanda Youth Court. When I moved to NYC to become an NYPD officer, I volunteered advocating for veterans as well as helping my wife with animal rescue and welfare. When I retired and moved back to the Buffalo, NY area, I continued my Youth Court volunteer work and decided to add a few more roles to my community service. I advocated for Veterans returning to college by serving on the UB Veterans Steering Committee. I volunteered for 3 years for UB’s Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event and I was asked to join the event steering committee for the 2018 year. My more recent volunteer roles include coaching youth soccer. When my

Buffalo News October 9th, 2023

  Thank you to the Buffalo News for the acknowledgment in a related article published October 9th, 2023. This November, 2nd Ward residents will have another choice on the ballot. "Residents First" was created by voters that wanted an additional choice. I'm honored to have gained the support and trust of my friends and neighbors in the 2nd Ward to create this line.  "I enjoy raising my family in the City of Tonawanda. I pay the same taxes as everyone else. I get hit with the same tax increases as everyone else. I'm running to hold the line on tax increases. I want to keep Tonawanda an affordable place to raise a family."