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100 Days in Office!

April 9, 2024, marks my 100th day in office as 2nd Ward City Councilmember. I hit the ground running and wanted to share highlights from the first 100 days!

I sponsored the resolution that amended the parking regulation regarding overnight parking. This resolution amended the current ordinance giving the mayor the authority to adjust the overnight parking regulations. This is for when nice weather allows for more on-street parking, like neighboring municipalities.

I have donated $350 to organizations with the “Chris Fisher Gives Back Campaign.” This was a campaign promise to “pay it forward,” and it’s making a positive impact in the city.

I have demanded accountability of taxpayer money by auditing expenditures and doing one simple thing….Asking Questions! I refuse to “rubber stamp” resolutions just because “that’s the way it’s always been.”

I voted no on 4% pay raises for the highest salary earners on the city payroll. (These salaries are mostly six-figure incomes.) The mayor increased the raises from 3% to 4%. I believe that excessively spending money does a disservice to our city.

I helped a 2nd Ward resident file a home reassessment claim which resulted in a reduced assessment. The inventory at the assessor’s office was incorrect. A review of the property survey and a few forms, and the homeowner had his assessment reduced.

I voted yes on the Riverview housing rezoning after the plan was changed from townhouses to single-family homes in front of the apartment complex. I attended the developer’s meetings and asked questions on behalf of the residents. The compromise will benefit the neighbors and the whole city if the referendum is approved in May. 

I assisted 2nd Ward residents with sidewalk complaints to get added to the 2024 City Engineers list for repair. When these sidewalk issues are brought to my attention, I personally inspect and photograph the issues and forward these to the City Engineer.


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