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Spring into Action, a Fundraiser in Support of Christopher Fisher and his visions for 2nd Ward, City of Tonawanda

Join Chris at his first event..  Spring into Action , a Fundraiser in Support of Christopher Fisher and his visions for 2nd Ward, City of Tonawanda. Come enjoy a night out with the family while meeting Chris.  We would love to have you!  RSVP to Purchase Tickets by Check : Checks can be made payable to: Friends of Christopher Fisher Purchase Tickets online : 

First Deadline for Assessment Reminder

Don’t forget.. this Friday, March 31, 2023 is the next deadline to appeal your assessment in the City of Tonawanda.  I already did mine and helped some of my neighbors with finding comparable homes and with the forms. If you have any questions, please contact me and I’ll try and help you.  ~ Chris Fisher

City of Tonawanda Council Meeting with GAR about Assessments

I attended the Council meeting where a representative from GAR (the company who did the City of Tonawanda assessments) was there. Residents, including myself had the chance to talk and ask questions. In my 3 minutes of talking, I stated my concerns regarding the mistakes made with my home and asked some questions that concerned residents had asked me. I also mentioned and wanted to make residents aware of the current and past council members who voted for this assessment and the tax increases. I feel that transparency is extremely important and residents should know which council members vote and how they vote on matters that effect all of us in the City of Tonawanda. This is one of the many reasons that I have decided to run for City Council in the 2nd ward. Lastly, below are Important Dates to remember for appealing your assessment. 3/17 - for questions or more information, you must call 1-866-910-17766 by March 17 3/31 - Supporting documents must be in by March 31. Research sale

First Step to Fighting the City of Tonawanda 2023 Assessment

First Step to Fighting the City of Tonawanda 2023 Assessment One of the issues I had with the assessment is they used inaccurate information. For example, my home is 1,274 square feet and has been since I bought it over a decade ago. The assessment company used 1,512 square feet for the assessment. That extra 238 square feet changed the dynamic of the assessment resulting in inaccurate comparables.  For those wanting to start the process of disputing their assessment, the first step is to find four comparable homes and the recent sale price. The company that completed the assessment has released this information: Zillow also has a home comparable search option.  After completing the form, it can either be converted to a .pdf and emailed, or paper mailed to the company. This will start the informal review process.  T his MUST be filed timely. The date it must be received by

Green Beer Sunday Event in the City of Tonawanda

The City of Tonawanda kicked off the St. Patrick's Day celebrations on Sunday with the Green Beer Sunday event down near the water. I went with my wife and daughter and stayed to watch the Irish dancers. My daughter loves Irish dancing and we enjoyed the festivities together. 

The 2023 Assessment Notification

The 2023 Assessment Notification Many residents have contacted me and asked, “what is the first step to fight this?” This is one of the reasons I’m running for council! The first step is getting four comparable sales and seeing if you are “over-assessed.” If so, follow the link on the assessment letter to dispute the assessment no later than March 31st, 2023. The final step is to vote in the primary election on June 27th, then again on November 7th. A vote for me is a vote against “rubber stamping” budgets that will ultimately increase taxes. I vow to verify every dollar in the budget and bring real cost savings to the city and ultimately lower our taxes. Please share that we have more options this election season.