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About Christopher Fisher for City of Tonawanda 2nd Ward Council Member


Chris was born and raised in a working-class household. His father retired from General Motors and his mother cared for their home and family. They taught him love, responsibility, how to serve the community, and the value of working hard to support one’s family. These are lessons Chris has used in his daily life.

Chris will take these lessons and will represent the interests of all citizens in the City of Tonawanda.

Chris is a disabled Army veteran, a retired NYPD officer, and a current supervisor in the Health Department. Chris was a Union Rep and Executive Board Member. Chris knows what service to country means and is dedicated to serve the community. Chris holds an Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science degree from the State University of New York and is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Public Policy.

As a blue-collar worker, Chris knows the value of a dollar and the importance of keeping those dollars in your pocket.

Chris has volunteered with the Town of Tonawanda Youth Court since 2003. 

Chris in the City of Tonawanda 

Chris is a resident of the Second Ward here in the City of Tonawanda, and lives in one of the city's older homes with a lot of history. As a resident of the City of Tonawanda for over a decade, Chris takes pride in the City of Tonawanda. He is an active member of his community and is responsible for some great new City programs.

Chris is a father to a strong, creative little girl who he is raising in the City of Tonawanda.

Chris is a husband to a local City of Tonawanda artist.

Chris is a volunteer soccer coach for the Tonawanda Soccer Club.

Chris is a current member of the local Tonawanda American Legion and previously was a board member and 3rd vice commander of the American Legion.

Chris is currently the Chairperson of the Mayor's Office of Strategic Initiatives and Community Engagement.

Chris runs the City of Tonawanda Veteran of the Month Award.

Chris chairs and organizes the City of Tonawanda Open House and Touch a Truck event.

Chris organizes and volunteers his time running the Mayor’s Summer Reading Program which focuses on continued reading access to City of Tonawanda youth during the summer months.

Chris was recently appointed to the City of Tonawanda Cemetery Board. 

Chris was formerly the chairperson of the City’s Ethic Board prior to the Boards reorganization.

Service to Country

Chris served with the 3rd Infantry Division out of Fort Benning, Georgia.

Chris has been awarded the New York State Senate’s Veteran of the Month Award in 2019 for community service.

Chris has been awarded the National Defense Service Medal, the Army Service Ribbon, two Army Achievement Medals. 

After serving his country, Chris moved to New York City to join the NYPD. Chris received six commendations from the NYPD for Excellent Police Duty. Chris received these awards for intelligent acts materially contributing to a valuable accomplishment. Chris focused on community policing and helping those who needed help. 

After retiring from the NYPD, Chris and his wife moved back home to Buffalo, NY. They chose to embark on a fixer upper home in the City of Tonawanda; loving the beauty, history, walkability, and small town charm of this neighborhood. 

Dedication to Family

Chris has been married 15 years to his high school sweetheart and local artist, Julia Finucane. They have a young daughter Lexi, whom they are raising in this beautiful city. 

Chris is a volunteer soccer coach for the Youth Tonawanda Soccer Club, in which his daughter Lexi plays. Chris is also a proud father of a Tonawanda Football Clinic (TFC) Cheerleader, in which his daughter Lexi cheers for. Both Chris and Julia are trying to teach Lexi the importance of getting involved in her community. As a student in the City of Tonawanda school district, she is super excited for the new "big" elementary school next year. 

Chris and his family are also advocates for adoption, animal rescue, and animal welfare; bringing awareness whenever possible to the disadvantaged stereotypes that bully breeds have when trying to find homes. Chris has adopted and rescued many animals in his adult life including mother and daughter Rottweilers rescued from a backyard breeder in Brooklyn, NY. Chris and his family recently added another rescue to the family; Ruby their bully mix.

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